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Map of America

Beef herds throughout North and South American rank among the world’s largest, providing significant export supply opportunities for the processed and live export industries.

Wellard has exported cattle from Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and the United States of America.

In addition, Wellard has previously exported dairy cattle to Mexico.


Brazil boasts the 2nd largest cattle herd in the world (behind India) with 187 million cattle.

Approximately 600,000, head are exported each year, principally to Venezuela (92%) and Lebanon (5%).

Wellard began exporting live cattle from Brazil in 2011.


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Uruguay has a cattle herd of 12 million head, but still exports 200,000 cattle a year, mostly to the Middle East.

Wellard first shipped cattle from Uruguay in 2010.


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United States

The United States has the fourth largest cattle herd in the world, with 92 million beef and dairy cattle.

Although it is a net importer of cattle, overland from Mexico, and most of its live cattle exports are overland to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

Wellard began shipping cattle from the United States to the Middle East in 2011.


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