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Vision & Values

Wellard has built its business on passion, commitment and the courage to innovate.

Our company is dedicated to the efficient, sustainable and compassionate production and export of protein throughout the world.

We want to pioneer and achieve best practice, create opportunities for our business partners and assist both our stakeholders and communities in which we operate wherever possible.

Importantly, our vision and values are supported by our actions.

World’s best practice commodity production and transport

Forefront of animal welfare improvements in live export and processing industry

Creation of quality controlled supply chain

Promotion of best practice adoption in overseas countries, such as feedlot and processing joint ventures

Adoption of new technology

Construction of four, new, technologically advanced livestock vessels

Whole of industry economic sustainability

Forward contracts for sheep and dairy cattle to provide clear pricing signals and certainty to producers

Expansion into complementary agribusiness markets

In addition to its existing marketing team in SEA, and the Middle East and North America, Wellard has expanded it business to Brazil and Eastern Europe to build new supply and marketing opportunities

Investment in community

Extensive and long term donor to Royal Flying Doctor Service, Children's Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation plus support of variety of charities

Funding of Murdoch School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Professor of Animal Systems – to encourage student veterinarians to specialise in production animals

Provision of access to Wellard feedlots and ships to university students seeking to use the facilities to complete research projects and gain industry experience

Organisation of Wellard Star of the West campdraft to improve urban understanding of rural stockmanship